Bio-inspired Approach for Inverse Kinematics of 6-DOF Robot Manipulator with Obstacle Avoidance


This paper presents a bio-inspired approach for the inverse kinematics problem of 6-DOF serial manipulator. More specifically, we are addressing the trajectory planning and motion planning of the end-effector using the PSO algorithm. Hence, a multi-objective PSO has been investigated to plan the optimal trajectory of the end-effector by avoiding the obstacles, as well as we have introduced the virtual shortest path concept. On the other hand, we have proposed a combination of the modified PSO and the Tabu search algorithm to select the optimal configuration of the manipulator joints. Moreover, the energy consumed by the robot has been taken into consideration. In order to assess the effectiveness of our proposal, it has been evaluated under different simulation scenarios, where the results figured out that our proposal is promising and can be applied to both robot manipulators and mobile robots.

The 3rd International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems