With more than 6 years of experience in leadership and organizing, I can lead a small company of people to success and to achieve quality and high performance


Research is the key of the technological progress. I have the ability to spot the research gap, to work on different areas, and to work within a team or autonomously


With more than 15 years of development and programming in different languages, I can now develop any software I want, and resolve the majority of the real-world problems as well

Awards & Honors

  • 2018: Best Paper Award, PAIS’18 conference.
  • 2012: Outstanding Master’s Thesis, Compter Science Dep., UBMA, Algeria.
  • 2010: Outstanding Graduate Student, Compter Science Dep., UBMA, Algeria.
  • 2008: Outstanding First-Year Students, M.I. Dep., UBMA, Algeria.


Different courses I teach


Language Identifcation tools

CBA, WBA, SCA, HA1 and HA2 algorithms On-line test of our LID tools, where they are featured with only 32 languages.

Arabic stemming

ARLSTem algorithm On-line test of our proposed Arabic stemmer (now it is included in NLTK package).



ARASTEM corpus The corpus was constructed by the following native Arabic speakers: Ibtissem Abainia, Ahmed Kedaya, Chouaib Fellah and Otman Bordjiba.

ANTSIX corpus Arabic Noisy Texts in SIX topics.

DLI32 corpus Dataset for Language Identification of 32 languages.

Source codes

ARLSTem algorithm The source codes of an effective Arabic light stemmer written in different programming languages.

Statistial algorithms for LID The source codes of 5 statistical algorithms (i.e. CBA, WBA, SCA, HA1 and HA2) that were conceived for language identification. Hence, the algorithms are featured with only 32 languages belonging to DLI32 corpus.


Electronics & Robotics

Kheirobot: Open source 8 DOF biped robot Kheirobot is a homemade 8 DOF biped robot based on Arduino Uno and 8 MG958 servos. It is remotely controlled via the nRF24L01+ radio transceiver, and can do multitasks such as: standing up on one leg, bending, shooting something, splitting, walking forward and backward. Download link:

DIY Driver assistant system Homemade intelligent vehicle system to alert the conductors from the near objects. The project is based on Arduino Uno, buzzer, nokia 5110 LCD and Ultrasonic sensor. Download link:

DIY RC Controller This is a homemade RC controller based on pic 16F84, PS2 joystick, nRF24L01+ radio transceiver and Nokia 5110 LCD. The source code is written in assembly language, and the schematic is designed under ISIS Proteus. Download link:

Homemade quadruped robot This is a low cost homemade quadruped robot based on Arduino Uno and 8 Towerpro SG92R servos, the chasis and legs are made from an aluminium corner. The robot is equipped with a nRF24L01+ radio transeiver to receive commands from RC transmitter, moreover it is equipped with 2 green Leds to represent eyes.

Homemade 8 DOF biped robot This 8 DOFs biped robot is fully homemade, and it is based on Arduino Uno and 8 MG946R servos. The body parts are constructed from Aluminium corners to garantee the strength and the lightness. Moreover, the robot motion is manually determined, and it is not optimal.


Homemade Shellfish net bag A tutorial on how to make a low cost net bag, which could be served to keep shellfishes.

Homemade wooden speargun A complete tutorial on how to make your own wooden speargun from scratch, the video is decomposed into two parts. In the first one, some theoritical basis and concepts are explained in French, while in the second part the construction process is illustrated with a collection of images/videos